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Translated from: French

This game looks good and short!
Unfortunately, the only graphics setting is Ultra!
What makes my game crash!
Please put a Low graphics setting! I have an old, slightly powerful PC for running powerful games.

Unfortunate that you don't take care of the game anymore! :(

I loved playing this game. 

Here is my gameplay :)

yo can ya make this for mac i would like to play this but can't because i'm on a mac 

Hey thank you for your interest. Unfortunately Room 669 won't  be available on mac. It was a student project and all team members are already working on new projects. I'm really sorry.

awww dang it thanks for letting me know th

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Extremely enjoyed this game! I love the lowpoly graphics and it looks so so good! Took my a while to click on to the answer to each little hint but I got there in the end haha!! Feel free to check out my playthrough :) Great work!!

I played your game. I couldn't remember where I put the thing in the wall to get past a part so I had to end the video before I could complete it but the game and the design was cool. I also found a floating glitch so the part I got stuck at I actually glitched over. (skip to 10:37)

this game gave me a virus pls fix that

Hey, we are sorry to hear this, but we can guarantee that we did not include a virus. Since you are the first one to complain, this is probably a local problem of your system. You should check it up.

An interesting experience. We enjoyed it very much.


This game was extremely crazy and chaotic but I loved it! I got stuck a few times as I didn't see the key lol, the idea was really unique and interesting, the story was weird too!

Hey, thank you very much for playing our game. We are happy that you like it :)

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww is game cooooooooooooooool

Will there be an update soon?..

Where is the play button


will this be made available on mac?


hey sorry for the long wait ^^' unfortunately Room 669 won't  be available on mac, the project is completed and all team members are already working on new projects. I'm sorry, but thanks for your interest in our game :)


I downloaded it and then  try to play it but then my computer says this app can't run on your PC try to get a version for your computer but my computer is on the latest update 


So much to see. All very colourful. So much detail in everything. All very well made. Lovely music. This is a great play. Congrats on this. Well done to all involved... :)


Just saw this on Vinesauce (despite the name of the stream, he liked it)- really good detail. and the life drawing room especially made me laugh! Hope to see more games :)

This game was pretty fun. I liked how even a snap shot can tell a whole story.

What a weird riot i have to say. I t was a bit confusing at first but later on i've finally figured out how it works. Some puzzles were a bit weird - specially the hole in a window - but thankfully there's a helpful phone :) Great concept and gave overal